Network approach

As Fair & Sustainable, contextualizing information and solutions is integral to our work and our mission. Besides the Netherlands office, F&S has two subsidiary offices in Ethiopia and Kenya. These offices employ a mix of national and international staff to create diverse and vibrant teams. To ensure that our advice and solutions are tailored to those contexts that are beyond our own reach, we have built a strong and mature network of associate consultants throughout Africa, Asia, and South America. F&S has a substantial track-record in teaming up and collaborating with local consultants and project teams. Moreover, we maintain strong cooperation with knowledge/research institutions located in the global north and global south. In the countries we work in, we actively cooperate with local governments, NGOs, social enterprises, community organizations, business companies, UN agencies, and other regional/continental organizations. Our networks provide us with access to useful resources that help improve our way of working!

We recognize the need to establish long-term partnerships with like-minded organizations, companies, and individuals to achieve lasting change. We are always open to explore new partnerships and opportunities to accelerate the sustainable use of resources, and a fair distribution of benefits.