Financial and Data Analysis

Development organisations regularly have different sets of data that need processing, such as financial or monitoring data or program reports. At Fair & Sustainable we have extensive experience reporting to donors, assessing reports, and analysing financial and monitoring data and database dumps. Together with our clients, we design a tailor made approach for each assignment, taking into account the wishes and capacity of the staff who will use the final products.

Budget development

A good quality budget is essential for successful fundraising for development programs, and ensures the necessary resources are allocated. Together with our clients we design a tailor-made approach, discussing the technical aspects of the budget and the division of tasks and responsibilities. We can coordinate and implement the whole budget development process, or provide specific services.

Proposal Development & Fundraising

Proposal Development is an increasingly important service as organizations have the need to diversify their funding. At the same time, they have to match their mission and expertise with donors’ requirements, in a context of stiff competition for financial resources. As many proposals nowadays are based on cooperation between different (types of) actors, multi-stakeholder coordination and guidance of development of proposals is crucial.

External evaluations

External evaluations are important independent, third-party reviews of the activities, results, outcomes and impacts of programs, either at mid- or end-term. Fair & Sustainable is experienced in external evaluations, with a focus on qualitative evaluations which are practice-based, participatory, context-sensitive and policy-oriented. All our evaluations aim to contribute to learning.

Plannning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (PMEL)

Good planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning (PMEL) within your organisation or programme helps you to reflect on the performance, achievement of results and impacts of your activities. It facilitates learning and enhances your performance, management, and implementation. Good PMEL will highlight and reduce wastage of resources on less relevant strategies or activities, thus increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your programme or enterprise.

Program Management

Modern, well-adapted and efficient management is a prerequisite for the NGO sector to keep track of the fast-moving changes in the donor, program and partner environment. F&S offers interim program management and management support to respond to your needs for management capacity, organizational change and program performance.