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Program Management

Budget development

A good quality budget is essential for successful fundraising for development programs. It also ensures the necessary resources are allocated and is an important management tool during program implementation.

However, developing a quality budget can be challenging, especially for complex programs with a tight deadline.

At Fair & Sustainable Consulting we have extensive experience with budgets from EUR 100.000 to EUR 100.000.000 for a variety of clients and donors. We have specific experience in developing formats and processes to consolidate data for different countries and members of a consortium.

Together with our clients, we design a tailor-made approach for each assignment. We discuss both the technical aspects of the budget and the division of tasks and responsibilities between the client, partners and consultant. We can coordinate and implement the whole budget development process, or provide specific services such as advice, building a format, or a quality check. In all cases, we help our clients to ensure:

  • budgets meet the donor’s guidelines
  • are competitive yet include sufficient funds for staff and overhead costs
  • are consistent with the narrative proposal.

To give the final product a competitive edge, we apply different techniques to ensure the budget is free of error, and well presented.

Recent Projects

Fiber for the Future (2020-2025) – Woord en Daad, Philippines, 2019 – funding approved by RVO SDG Partnership facility

Budget aspects including formats, calculation of key standards, and production of final external budget.

Consultant: Nick Peacock

Water Pricing for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth (2018-2024) – Woord en Daad, Ethiopia, 2018 – funding approved by RVO Sustainable Water Fund (FDW)

Workshop, consolidation format, guiding partners and assessing contributions, producing a final budget.

Consultant: Nick Peacock

The Salt Solution (2017-2020)- ICCO, Bangladesh, 2017 – funding approved by the Dutch Postcode Lottery

Advice, coordination, format development, assessing and consolidating contributions, producing the final budget (EUR 2,1 million).

Consultant: Nick Peacock

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