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Climate Resilience

Climate change is a reality faced around the globe. The impacts of climate change are both increasing in magnitude and accelerating, and disproportionately affect agriculture and the vulnerable groups who depend on it. Climate resilience is the ability to anticipate, absorb, accommodate, or recover from the effects of climate change and extreme weather events. In agriculture and in value chains, climate resilience generally refers to supporting proper land management and soil and water conservation, so as to mitigate extreme weather events (drought, floods), to prevent soil erosion and run-off, to favour water absorption and soil humidity, to maintain Soil Organic Matter (SOM) content, and to favour soil life and biodiversity. Climate resilience may also include the establishment of social systems able to mitigate the impacts of extreme events, e.g., through climate services, access to finance, crop insurance, and lobby/ advocacy for public support policies.

Fair & Sustainable aims to contribute to climate-resilient agricultural and food systems through sustainable agriculture and inclusive value chains. We provide a variety of services; including analysis of the impacts of climate change on agriculture and value chains, the development of, and support for strategies for climate mitigation and adaptation, and support to improve the access to finance and insurance. We do so through literature review, project formulation, stakeholder consultation, facilitation, capacity-building, financial service provision and monitoring and evaluation. Our services centred on climate resilience are therefore closely intertwined with some of our other services.

Recent Projects

Climate resilient finance: development of climate resilient financial services in The TREPA programme Rwanda – Cordaid, 20212022

Consultant: Mariël Mensink

Climate resilient finance conference organized with Rabobank foundation and Cordaid in Rwanda2022

Exploring policies and implementation strategies to integrate climate resilience into financial services for smallholders.

Consultant: Mariël Mensink

Biodigester Market Systems Development in Africa – DGIS (2019) and SNV (2020)

Final Evaluation of the DGIS-funded African Biogas Partnership Program – Phase 2 (ABPP-2)

Mid-Term Review of the federal and EU-co-funded Ethiopian Biogas Dissemination Scale-Up Programme (NBPE+)

Consultant: Peter Ton

EU Forest For the Future Facility (F4) – Particip, 2020

Technical support to the Commission and partner countries to ensure sustainable forest management, promote sustainable investments, and decent jobs,

Consultant: Jochem Schneeman

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