Emmy Mugasia

Areas of expertise: Program Management, External evaluations, Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship
Office: Kenya

“I want interventions that bring a lasting and greater impact on communities. I do this by providing expertise in monitoring and evaluating projects, implementation, coordination, and management. I enjoy learning and sharing knowledge that improves project performance, and at the same time creates positive changes in the lives of the people we serve.”

Emmy has a background in Development studies with over 8 years of experience implementing and evaluating development projects. She has implemented livelihood projects for smallholder farmers, and focused on youth and women. She also implemented various youth empowerment projects, and is currently coordinating a youth-focussed black soldier fly project. She has excelled in monitoring and evaluating projects, report writing, facilitating linking and learning between all program stakeholders, identifying and planning for capacity-building activities, and facilitating interviews and group discussions. Emmy also has extensive knowledge and experience as a researcher, and in applying participatory methods and methodologies. She has honed her skills in evaluations through training from the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO). She has conducted both mid-term and end-term evaluations on various themes and for different organizations, especially in gender and youth projects.