Kris Woltering

Areas of expertise: Food & Nutrition Security, Market Systems Development
Office: Kenya

“I believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity in life, and I became a nutritionist as I’m convinced that access to nutritious and healthy diets is a precondition to realizing those opportunities.”

At Fair & Sustainable Kris works on topics related to food security, nutrition, food systems, and market systems. Within her work she always incorporates the inclusion of vulnerable groups, such as women and youth, and the economic viability and sustainability of solutions and interventions. Kris holds a research masters in Global Nutrition & Public Health from Wageningen University, and has worked with Wageningen University, as well as with a Swiss NGO, prior to joining Fair & Sustainable. She has worked and lived in Ghana, Ethiopia, and Kenya. Currently, Kris is based in Kenya, and she is part of the Young Expert Program (YEP).