Mariël Mensink

Areas of expertise: Inclusive Rural Finance, Climate Resilience, Gender in Value Chains
Office: The Netherlands

“I have seen the long term positive impact that financial services can have on rural economic empowerment, also for women, through my long-term experience in rural and inclusive finance. It can be a catalyser for development, without a dependence on subsidies and handouts alone.”

Mariel has over 25 years’ experience in rural and agri-business development, rural finance and value chain finance, and support to digitalization processes in financial and agricultural services. Through her work in Africa and Asia, she acquired experience in management and policy advice on financial sector development and rural finance strategies, as well as capacity support to financial service providers to design and implement digitalization processes, and develop financial products for women, smallholders, and SME’s. Recently she supported programs to develop financial services for climate resilient interventions for smallholders, including rural women, with a focus on water harvesting technologies, reforestation, land management strategies and energy saving technologies. She was also engaged in a study on linking climate finance to resilience strategies and innovative financing models, including linking women and smallholder farmers to appropriate financial services, while also integrating digital financial services with agri-extension services and climate resilience.

All areas of expertise

  • Inclusive rural finance
  • Climate resilience
  • Digital ecosystems and services in agriculture and in agricultural finance
  • SME Finance
  • Gender in Value Chains