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How do you ensure that your project benefits women and men equally? Which strategies can you adopt to promote gender equality in value chains? How can you convince agribusinesses to address gender issues?

If you are faced with these kinds of questions and you would like to learn how to answer them, the Gender in Value Chains training by Fair & Sustainable might be just what you need.

During the training, participants work with their own value chain case to make the training content directly applicable. At the end of the training, they will have developed a gender action plan tailored to the gender based constraints they have identified in the value chain.

The training includes 5 modules.

Mode of instruction: Online or in-person

  • Format for online training: 6 weeks, 6-8 hours per week.
  • Format for in-person training: 4 day training with 1 day fieldwork

“The course is very valuable. I would recommend it to my other colleagues and as a project we would apply it in future.” (Participants in the online GVC training for GIZ)

“Since I am working on a project related to value chains development, I am very satisfied with the gender-sensitive tools related to the value chain, and I am sure I will use them in the field directly. Time well spent!”- Training participant

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