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11 Nov 2021

Business case development

Sustainability is a growing and important topic in international development. In the field of (agricultural) economic development, many development organizations have started to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs), who are considered to be the motor of the economy. For SMEs to thrive and sustain their operations, however, requires a clear and financially viable business case.

To increase understanding of what makes a good business case, Fair and Sustainable Consulting has developed an online ‘Business Case Development’ training course. In 10 modules of approximately 4 hours each, participants develop a complete plan for a business idea. Each module consists of a 90 minute online group session, with time for discussion. In these sessions, focus is given to adapting the theory to the contexts of the participants. After the group sessions, small groups of participants work on a chapter of the business plan. The final plan includes information on the product/service and its value proposition, clients, competitors, resources, costs and revenues, financial projections and impact monitoring. At the end of the course, participants pitch their business plan in a Dragons’ den, with ‘Dragons’ relevant to their sector/niche. This final stage is an opportunity for participants to reflect on the progress made, and to gain further insight from the ‘Dragons’.

The relevance of this training is highlighted by an organization who recently took the course:

“20 Staff Members Of Our Network Partners Stepped In Blank, And Came Out With Serious Draft Business Cases; Still Some Way To Go, A Very Intense 10 Weeks, But At The End Of The Day Very Rewarding”

Are you interested in this training, or one of our related services regarding business planning (e.g. coaching)? We invite you to contact:

Annelien Meerts: annelien.meerts@fairandsustainable.nl; +31624914608

Andre Vording andre.vording@fairandsustainable.nl; +31623024130

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