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04 Oct 2022

F&S Business Case Development Services

Does your organization want to support entrepreneurs and SMEs? Fair & Sustainable can help you.

More and more development organizations support small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as they are considered important players to create jobs and economic growth. However, starting and growing a business is challenging, especially in the context of many developing countries. NGO’s, therefore, support entrepreneurs with business incubation and acceleration programmes. F&S has developed services for NGOs to help them to support SMEs and entrepreneurs.  

F&S has an (in company) business case development training that can be followed online or face-to-face. This tailer-made training, based on the business model canvas, goes through all important aspects of a business (e.g., marketing, finance, HR). At the end of the training, participants have developed a business case for their own specific context. The training is targeted towards NGO’s that need a training course for entrepreneurs who participate in their development projects, or for their staff to review SME business cases or plans. 

In addition, F&S offers business plan development services. This includes the development of business plans, and coaching to implement it. In the first half of 2022, for instance, F&S has supported CBCHS in Cameroon with the development of business plans for four educational courses. Another example is the development and implementation of a business plan for F&S insect farms, our franchise model for Black Soldier Fly (BSF) insect farming for young smallholders. The business case and plans are developed in strong cooperation with the owner of the plan, as they are the ones who will implement it. 

The difference between a business case and a business plan 

A business case is a justification that shows that a business idea is financially profitable. The business case is the backbone of a business plan and it elaborates why, exactly, potential customers should buy this service or product, and how it will become profitable. Business cases and business plans are not only used by entrepreneurs to get access to finance, but also to sharpen business ideas and develop them into feasible and commercially viable enterprises. 

Are you interested in these services, please contact:  

Annelien Meerts: annelien.meerts@fairandsustainable.org 


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