Lensa Girma

Areas of expertise: Food & Nutrition Security (Agroecology), Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship, Climate Resilience
Office: Ethiopia

“My mission is to raise community awareness about healthy and nutritious food production; by connecting, networking, and lobbying for the community I live in, and by being a voice for all marginalised groups. Through future work I aim to link youth in East Africa through the market, knowledge sharing, and social media for promoting agroecology and healthy food for all Africans. Furthermore, I aim to promote traditional knowledge networks in a working community, based on my three years of experience working with youth and business development.”

In addition to work as a Fair & Sustainable Consultant, Lensa is  the coordinator of Ethiopia’s large agroecology and food system network. The network brings together experts and stakeholders from across the country to exchange ideas and assist local farmers in elucidating issues and connecting improved technological products.

Lensa has a Master’s degree in food and nutrition security, and a professional background in plant science- with a focus on agribusiness value chain development. She previously worked in youth agroecology business development and household nutrition assessment. In addition, she has prior experience lobbying and advocating for policy changes.