Simone Reinders

Areas of expertise: Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship, Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, & Learning (PMEL), Value Chain Analysis & Development
Office: Kenya

“My mission is to create inclusive market systems that support sustainable livelihoods of marginalized groups, by connecting knowledge to practice.”

Simone has a background in research, programme managemen,t and knowledge management, with a focus on secondary education, skills development, (youth) employment, gender, and stakeholder- and value chain analysis.  After starting her career as a researcher in African Studies, she currently resides in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) and has been active as a consultant since 2021. 

Previously, she worked with the African Studies Centre (Leiden University), and as a knowledge manager for policy makers, for the INCLUDE Knowledge Platform for Inclusive Development in Africa. The connection between knowledge, practice, and policy, remains central to her work. 

As a consultant she provides comprehensive reports and recommendations, including stakeholder roadmaps to connect the right actors to context-appropriate solutions. Past projects in Ethiopia focused on youth entrepreneurship and job creation, value chain analysis, livelihoods, TVET curriculum development, learning strategy development, baseline studies and writing and reporting.  

Simone is a flexible, analytical consultant who can offer quick, creative solutions in challenging contexts while keeping up high-quality standards. Her aim is to optimize the use of knowledge for policy- and strategy development by providing practice-oriented knowledge products. 

All areas of expertise:

  • Youth employment and entrepreneurship 
  • Planning Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (PMEL) 
  • Value Chain Analysis & Development 
  • Market Systems Development 
  • Gender in Value Chains 
  • Program Management 
  • External evaluations