Wouter van Bruggen

Areas of expertise: Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (PMEL), Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship, Market Systems Development
Office: The Netherlands

“I believe that young men and women deserve a chance to get ahead, instead of merely getting by. Thus, I get most fulfilment from contributing to employment and entrepreneurship programmes, establishing what they truly mean for the youth they target and by raising the bar.”

As researcher and development practitioner, Wouter has worked in international development in East-Africa and the Middle East. He has worked on MEL, MSD, youth employment, and integrated solid waste management.

Before joining Fair & Sustainable, Wouter has worked for various development organizations, as a researcher for Wageningen University, and as advisor for the municipality of Amsterdam. From 2018 to 2020 Wouter was based in Jerusalem, and worked as project manager on integrated solid waste management in Palestinian refugee camps.

Wouter holds a Master’s degree in International Development Studies (Wageningen University, NL), with a specialization in Sociology of Development and Change.