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Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Farms

Global population growth, increasing demand for animal products, scarcity of conventional feed ingredients and, consequently, extremely high production costs, drive the global search for sustainable and less costly alternative protein sources for animal feed. This has led to a growing interest in Black Soldier Fly (BSF) farming. Black Soldier Flies contain high levels of protein and fat, and are rich in micronutrients, vitamins and essential amino acids; hence, they are considered an excellent replacement in pig, poultry and fish feed. Their production has a small ecological footprint, and contributes to a circular economy through the recycling of organic waste that traditionally ends up in landfills, into organic fertilizer.

BSF are highly productive and relatively easy to manage insects, and are thus an accessible, yet profitable business for young entrepreneurs. Considering that youth unemployment rates in Kenya stand at 35%, and for women even at 50%, F&S developed a business model that supports young Kenyan entrepreneurs below the age of 35 to establish their own commercial size BSF farm. The entrepreneurs are carefully selected through an intensive bootcamp process, and receive training and continuous support from F&S in terms of technical training and assistance, financial management, integrated monitoring systems, business training and support, and marketing. Once fully operational, each farm provides direct full-time employment to 10 other young people.

F&S has a successful model farm in Eldoret since 2021, owned by Evelyn Songoi (seen in the image below), and is in the process of establishing the next 8 farms in Nakuru county in collaboration with DanChurchAid, with funding from Danida under DMDP. The overall goal of the initiative is to establish 100 farms in strategic locations in Kenya, to enhance access and availability of BSF for animal feed across the country, to stimulate youth entrepreneurship, and to contribute to profitable models for circular agriculture.

For more information on Fair & Sustainable Insect Farms, please reach out to Laura Martinussen

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