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Gender in Value Chains Publication Repository

Over the years, Fair & Sustainable Consulting has advised and collaborated on a number of projects, with a core focus on integrating gender-sensitive approaches in value chains. As part of these projects, a number of documents have been produced by, or in cooperation with Fair & Sustainable. Links to these valuable publications are provided below.

Gender in value chain toolkits

AgriProFocus/ Fair & Sustainable, 2014, ‘Gender in value chain toolkit’, this toolkit intends to motivate and help practitioners in integrating a gender perspective in agricultural value chain development.

Bridging gender and youth

AgriProFocus, SKY, Fair & Sustainable Consulting and AVSI, a ‘Gender strategy for skilling youth for employment in agribusiness projects’

Coffee toolkit

Hivos, AgriProFocus, Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services, and The Sustainable Coffee Program, powered by IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative, ‘Sustainable coffee as a family business; approaches and tools to include women and youth’ a publication.


AgriProFocus/ Fair & Sustainable, 2018, Women Economic Empowerment Infographics, based on the FAO guiding framework on developing gender-sensitive value chains

Fair & Sustainable/ ICCO, 2019. Reach – Benefit – Empower Framework, based on IFPRI (2017)

Fair & Sustainable, 2019, Business arguments for gender equality for the company

  • as an employer (ENG) (FR)
  • as a key player in a value chain (ENG) (FR)
Gender business cases

AgriProFocus/ Fair & Sustainable, 2019. Eight cases describing the arguments for a gender-sensitive business strategy, from Africa, Asia and Latin America

  • Cocoa, Indonesia (ENG) (POR)
  • Coffee, Uganda (ENG) (FR)
  • Coffee, Nicaragua (ENG) (FR)
  • Dairy, Nigeria (ENG) (FR)
  • Fresh Fruit, South Africa (ENG) (FR)
  • Onion, Mali (ENG) (FR)
  • Shea Nut, Burkina Faso (ENG)
  • Tuna, Solomon Islands (ENG)
Challenging Chains to Change

AgriProFocus, Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) and IIRR. 2012, Challenging Chains to Change, Gender equity in agricultural value chains

Documents produced together with clients (available from external websites):

  • FAO. 2023. The gender-responsive Business Model Canvas. A tool to assess agricultural service provision from a gender perspective. Download here
  • Round Table of Sustainable Palmoil (RSPO) Practical Practical guidance on gender inclusion and compliance to the 2018 P&C and 2019 ISH standard, Endorsed by the Standard Standing Committee on 25th March 2021 Read here
  • Netherlands Platform of Microfinance (NPM), 2019 ‘Reach benefit and empower women by financial services, a case-based learning paper’ download here
  • FAO, 2018, Gender-sensitive value chain development, Guidelines for practitioners Download here
  • FAO, 2016, Gender-sensitive value chain development, A guiding framework Download here

Other projects

PAC-PME: business growth support for Malian SMEs

This accelerator programme aims to support entrepreneurs to strengthen and grow their businesses, and to generate a better understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the barriers to growth for young entrepreneurs in the context.

External evaluation of the Greater Virunga Landscape Project

The external evaluation of the Conserving Greater Virunga (CGV) project involved data collection in three countries. Recommendations were included based on the evaluation, as well as for the future programme.

Management of the Barley Emerging Farmers Economic Development (BE-FED) Program, South Africa

The BE-FED project aimed to develop a sustainable barley supply chain in South Africa by connecting emerging black farmers to Heineken via a planned new malting plant. Project management was outsourced to F&S.